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WordPress Solutions

BrigadeCode Custom WordPress solutions will streamline your operation and create a smoother experience for both you and your customers.

BrigadeCode - WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins

Innovative Bespoke WordPress plugins will be able to solve your toughest problems and suit your needs. We won’t rest until you have a genuine custom plugin that performs high above your expectations.

BrigadeCode - WordPress Design

WordPress Design

Your business deserves a website fit for the 21st century. No more outdated websites that haven't been updated with the modern times.

BrigadeCode - WordPress Migration

WordPress migration

Migrating your WordPress website can be a headache. Let us take care of the technical stuff while you focus on running your business.

BrigadeCode - WordPress Setup

WordPress Setup

Have you fallen in love with a WordPress template. The next step is to contact our team so we can put it together for you. We can even show you how to make minor content changes on your own.

BrigadeCode - WordPress Backups

WordPress Backup

Have peace of mind in knowing that all your website information is always backed up with us. We don’t take chances. Never lose your precious WordPress files when working with BrigadeCode.

BrigadeCode - Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Enjoy easy access to your WordPress hosting account. Whether you need cPanel access, or file manager access, we have just the cost effective solution for you.

BrigadeCode - E-Commerce


WordPress has many eCommerce options for you to choose from. Take your business to the next level by buying and selling products directly from your online store.

Web Solutions

When you need web solutions, you need them fast. Our team of experts have just the skill sets you need to streamline your efficiency and upgrade your business.

BrigadeCode - Hosting

Web Hosting

Whether you need shared or dedicated hosting, we have options for you. Give us a call to discuss which options are best suited for your needs.

BrigadeCode - Domain


Get your domain and everything else all in one place. We can manage purchasing your domain and bringing your project to life while you focus on running your business.

BrigadeCode - Email Server

Email Server

Enjoy flexible plans that fit the needs of small, medium and enterprise level businesses. Have peace of mind that your information will be held in secure accounts under incredible encryption.

Bespoke Web Applications

BrigadeCode specializes in building modern, reliable web applications that engage customers and work intuitively with your data.

BrigadeCode - Bespoke Solutions
BrigadeCode - Bespoke Solutions


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